J. Afton Forde


Business Services

Expert Proposal, RFP, RFI authoring and
submission services
(technical and non-technical)

Experienced Grant-writing and
submission services

On-demand proofreading for
on-line content or marketing campaigns


What We Do

We offer a diverse set of services related to Proposal scoping, building, writing and submission management (and follow-up).

Many small companies, like yours, do not have an in-house resource who can take the time and focus to scope out the many bid and proposal opportunities available.

We have the inside track to hundreds of bids:

  1. Subscriptions to dozens of national and international bid sites
  2. Daily and weekly reviews of opportunities, based on the search criteria and business sector
  3. Opportunity reports and action items
  4. Expand your reach into untapped business opportunities without overextending your team
  5. Allow us to proofread your marketing materials (internal or external) or other customer-facing materials


Requests for Proposals

Based on your business vision and desired project targets, we can source optimal bids for your company. Many bids are only published on subscription sites or through secure portals. We can access them.

RFP’s, RFI’s RFQ’s and other requests can be complicated, cumbersome and take valuable staff away from their assigned work.

We take a collaborative approach to all information gathering to ensure the facts are on-point.


Pricing Options

We offer both hourly rates as well as overall project rates (one-time). We will work with your budget model.

Additionally, packages can be purchased to retain our services over a period of time, giving you priority and ensuring your deadlines are met.

Groups of hours (minimum of 10).

Project packages (2 per month, etc.)

Can work on-site or remotely.


Grants and Funding

Grants and Funding applications can be intimidating, complicated and time consuming. Our successful experience with public and private Grants will relieve your team from this arduous task (normally in cycles).

We will work with you and your team to ensure we understand your vision and goals, as well as communicate your business plan in a clear and concise manner to the funding body.



Ensure all your written materials reflect the professionalism and business savvy you are known for.

Spelling and grammatical errors on promotional material or business plans look sloppy and careless.

Avoid embarrassment, let a professional take review your content, correct and offer recommendations.

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